ShapePipe: A modular weak-lensing processing and analysis pipeline

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Authors: S. Farrens, A. Guinot, M. Kilbinger, T. Liaudat , L. Baumont, X. Jimenez, A. Peel , A. Pujol , M. Schmitz, J.-L. Starck, and A. Z. Vitorelli
Journal: A&A
Year: 2022
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202243970
Download: ADS | arXiv


We present the first public release of ShapePipe, an open-source and modular weak-lensing measurement, analysis, and validation pipeline written in Python. We describe the design of the software and justify the choices made. We provide a brief description of all the modules currently available and summarise how the pipeline has been applied to real Ultraviolet Near-Infrared Optical Northern Survey data. Finally, we mention plans for future applications and development. The code and accompanying documentation are publicly available on GitHub.

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Author: Samuel Farrens

I have been a postdoctoral researcher at CEA Saclay since October 2015. I am currently working on the DEDALE project and the Euclid mission with Jean-Luc Starck.

My background is in optical detection of clusters of galaxies and photometric redshift estimation. I am now branching out into the field of PSF estimation using sparse signal processing techniques.

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