CFIS proposal accepted

On the day of the Brexit outcome, so disastrous for Europe and the UK, there is at least good news for the cosmological community: CFIS, the Canada-France Imaging Survey, has been accepted! This survey consists of two parts. The WIQD​(Wide ­ Image Quality ­ Deep) part will cover 5,000 deg2 of the Northern sky, observed…

École d'été 2016 en cosmologie

C'est l'annonce d'une école d'été en cosmologie qui va avoir lieu cette août, avec participation des membres de CosmoStat. Titre: LA SCIENCE DES FUTURS GRANDS RELEVÉS COSMOLOGIQUESDates: 22 au 27 août 2016Lieu: Narbonne, FranceSite web: Date limite d'inscription: 3 juillet 2016 Comité d'organisation: Alain Blanchard, pour la communité Euclid-France L'objectif prioritaire est d'offrir à…

"Draw your thesis" with gravitational lensing

We are glad to announce the release of the outreach video "Dessine ta thèse" (means "Draw your thesis" in French) on youtube. This episodes focuses on gravitational lensing and involves the participation of the CosmoStat member Chieh-An Lin. Both French and English subtitles are available!

Euclid, let's do it!

European Space Agency has validated the design of the Euclid satellite which allows its construction. This telescope, probing the dark Universe, will be launched in 2020! See also: (English) (French)

The XXL Survey

First round of papers published   The XXL Survey is a deep X-ray survey observed with the XMM satellite, covering two fields of 25 deg2 each. Observations in many other wavelength, from radio to IR and optical, in both imaging and spectroscopy, complement the survey. The main science case is cosmology with X-ray selected galaxy…