École Euclid 2023 Rodolphe Clédassou

Date: August 15 - August 30, 2023

Venue: Ronce-les-Bains, France

Website: https://ecole-euclid.cnrs.fr/2023-accueil/

``Weak gravitational lensing''  (Le lentillage gravitationnel), cycle 2, Martin Kilbinger.

Find here links to the lecture notes and TD exercises.

  • Lecture notes (pdf).
  • TD: CFIS/UNIONS weak-lensing data analysis; cluster lensing.
    Please download:

``Scientific Software Development for Euclid'' , cycle 2, Samuel Farrens.

École Euclid de cosmologie 2021

Date: August 16 - August 27, 2021

Venue: Anglet, France

Website: https://ecole-euclid.cnrs.fr/2021-accueil/

Lecture ``Weak gravitational lensing''  (Le lentillage gravitationnel), cycle 2, Martin Kilbinger.

Find here links to the lecture notes, TD exercises, "tables rondes" topics, and other information.

  • Resources.
    • A great and detailed introduction to (weak) gravitational lensing are the 2005 Saas Fee lecture notes by Peter Schneider. Download Part I (Introduction to lensing) and Part III (Weak lensing) from my homepage.
    • Check out Sarah Bridle's video lectures on WL from 2014.
  • TD cycle 2, Data analysis. TBD
  • Lecture notes.

GOLD : The Golden Cosmological Surveys Decade

This 10-week programme on the Golden Cosmological Surveys Decade will be held at the new Institut Pascal, in Paris Orsay, from 1st April 2020 to 5th June 2020. The Institut Pascal provides offices, seminar rooms, common areas and supports long-term scientific programmes. 
GOLD 2020 will include a summer school, three workshops (on Lensing, Galaxy Clustering, Theory and Interpretation of the Data). 
In-between, an active training programme will be run. We plan to host around 40 people for the whole programme, plus around 30 scientists during the workshops. 
Whether you are a PhD, a postdoc, a senior scientist and are interested in attending this programme, you can now apply. Deadline for applications: 1st October 2019.



7th Edition of the Astronomical Data Analysis (ADA7) Summer School

Co-organised by CosmoStat on  May 7-11 2012 in Cargèse, France.

Tutorial on “Sparse representations and filtering” by Sandrine Pires,
Tutorial on “Deconvolution and Compressed Sensing” by Florent Sureau,
Tutorial on “Inpainting and Morphological Component Analysis” by Sandrine Pires,
Tutorial on “Data Analysis on the Sphere” by Florent Sureau,
Tutorial on “Blind Source Separation methods: application in cosmology” by Jerome Bobin.