École Euclid de cosmologie 2021

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Date: August 16 - August 27, 2021

Venue: Anglet, France

Website: https://ecole-euclid.cnrs.fr/2021-accueil/

Lecture ``Weak gravitational lensing''  (Le lentillage gravitationnel), cycle 2, Martin Kilbinger.

Find here links to the lecture notes, TD exercises, "tables rondes" topics, and other information.

  • Resources.
    • A great and detailed introduction to (weak) gravitational lensing are the 2005 Saas Fee lecture notes by Peter Schneider. Download Part I (Introduction to lensing) and Part III (Weak lensing) from my homepage.
    • Check out Sarah Bridle's video lectures on WL from 2014.
  • TD cycle 2, Data analysis. TBD
  • Lecture notes.
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