XXVI Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics

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Course on "Inverse Problems in Astrophysics" by Jean-Luc Starck

  • Part I: Introduction to inverse problems and image deconvolution (pdf),
  • Part II: Introduction to Sparsity and Compressed Sensing,
  • Part II: Introduction to Sparsity and Compressed Sensing,
  • Part III: Wavelets in Astronomy: from orthogonal wavelets and to the Starlet transform (pdf),
  • Part IV: Beyond Wavelets (pdf),
  • Part V: Inverse problems and their solution using sparsity: denoising, deconvolution, inpainting, blind source separation (pdf),
  • Part VI: Cosmic Microwave Background  & Sparsity (pdf),
  • Part VII: Perspective of Sparsity & Compressed Sensing in Astrophsyics (pdf).

Videos of the course are available here: [IntroWaveletsBeyond WaveletsCMBPerspective]

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Author: Samuel Farrens

I have been a postdoctoral researcher at CEA Saclay since October 2015. I am currently working on the DEDALE project and the Euclid mission with Jean-Luc Starck.

My background is in optical detection of clusters of galaxies and photometric redshift estimation. I am now branching out into the field of PSF estimation using sparse signal processing techniques.

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