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The CosmoStat team (LCS) is composed of both cosmologists and computer scientists working together to develop new methods of statistics, signal processing, and apply them to cosmological data set. CosmoStat goals are:

  • Statistics & Signal Processing: Develop new methods for analyzing astronomical data, and especially in cosmology where the needs of powerful statistical methods are very important.
  • Cosmology: Analyze and interpret data.
  • Projects: Participation to important astronomical projects such as Euclid, etc.
  • Teaching: Teach students and young researchers how to analyze astronomical data.
  • Dissemination: Take opportunity to disseminate our idea, tools and products  in and outside the astronomical field (CEA, CNRS, University, Industry...).

From 2012 to 2018, the activity has been mainly driven by two international projects, PLANCK and Euclid, with a increasing involvement with time in Euclid.



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The CosmoStat website is a culmination of the efforts of the whole team with special thanks to Justin Burks, Marie Chicot, Samuel Farrens, Melis Irfan, Martin Kilbinger, François Lanusse, Valeria Pettorino and Morgan Schmitz.

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