Authors: A. Labatie, J.L. Starck, M. Lachieze-Rey
Language: IDL
Description: An IDL code for studying BAO.
Notes: Contains additional C++ routines.

BAOlab is related to the study of Baryon Acoustic Oscillations (BAO) using the 2-point correlation function. It enables to perform different tasks, namely BAO detection and BAO parameter constraints. The main novelty of this approach is that it enables to obtain a model-dependent covariance matrix which can change the results both for BAO detection and for parameter constraints.

Software: BAOlab Version 1.0

  • BAOlab contains IDL and C++ routines.
  • Source code and more information are available here.


Papers related to the software:

Darth Fader


Authors: D. Machado, A. Leonard, J-L. Starck, and F. Abdalla
Language: IDL
Download: DFV1.0.tgz
Description: An IDL code designed for estimating galaxy redshifts from spectroscopic data using wavelets.
Notes: Requires iSAP installation

The Darth Fader method is a catalog cleaning method for redshift estimation which is described in:


The code will be soon integrated in the next version of the iSAP software. Meanwhile, it can be used following these instructions:

The documentation is available here.


Benchmark data are available here, and the following routine shows how to use it on these benchmark data:

Running this routine, we obtain the following results:

  • % of catastrophic failures before cleaning = 22.09
  • % of galaxies retained after cleaning = 75.80
  • % of catastrophic failures after cleaning = 4.29

Contact information

For any information related to the code, please contact Adrienne Leonard (adrienne.leonard AT cea DOT fr).