Planck CMB Map

Planck CMB Map Reconstruction using LGMCA

Reconstruction The CosmoStat laboratory (LCS) from CEA-IRFU has released a new map of the CMB using an original component separation technique coined LGMCA. Based on the sparse modeling of signals – a framework recently developed in applied mathematics – the proposed component separation method is well-suited for the extraction of foreground emissions. The LCS released a CMB based on the joint processing of the Planck and WMAP 9 years data coined WPR1 LGMCA map.
Together with the WPR1, we also release a LGMCA estimate of the CMB map from Planck-only (PR1). This webpage provides some comparisons between the PR1 and WPR1 maps and codes to recompute the map. A short description of the LGMCA algorithm can be found at this location.

WPR1 and PR1 have compatible power spectra

Left, estimated power spectrum of the WPR1 LGMCA map (red) and official PR1 power spectrum (green). The solid black line is the Planck-only best-fit C_l provided by the Planck consortium. Right, power spectrum in logarithmic scale. Error bars are set to 1 sigma.

Left, difference between the power spectrum estimated from the WPR1 LGMCA map (red) (resp. PR1 LGMCA power spectrum (green)) and the Planck-only best-fit provided by the Planck consortium. Right, difference between the estimated and theoretical power spectra in logarithmic scale. Error bars are set to 1 sigma.