Benchmark data sets for redshift estimation

Matlab routines to read and write in FITS format can be found here.


Astronomical spectra for template building



Galaxy spectra



Darth Fader results


The Darth Fader method is a catalog cleaning merhod for redshift estimation which is described in:

The code is available here, and the following routine shows how to use it on the above data:

Running this routine, we obtain the following results:

  • % of catastrophic failures before cleaning = 22.09
  • % of galaxies retained after cleaning = 75.80
  • % of catastrophic failures after cleaning = 4.29

Both the indices of the selected galaxies and their estimated redshifts can be found at:

  • galaxies indices : indices of the selected galaxies, i.e. IND[i] corresponds to the ith spectrum in the origininal data set.
  • redshifts : estimated redshifts of the selected galaxies.