Sergio Miranda La Hera


Sergio Miranda La Hera


Contact Information
E-mail: sergio.lahera [at] cea [dot] fr
Phone: +33 (0)7 57 58 65 42
Office: 274
Affiliation: IRFU/DAp-AIM

Research Interests

I am a devoted professional, who likes to work in astrophysics, signal processing and data science.

My current interest is to provide a solid data model for the Euclid Satellite. The Euclid satellite intends to take many different scientific approaches to investigate the accelerated expansion of the universe, and the nature of dark energy, dark matter and gravity. In response to the number of scientific projects running on the satellite, a pipeline was created with the intention of providing a workflow for all the different subsystems of the satellite in an organized environment with the name of Euclid Data Model.

The focus of my work is to further develop the Euclid Data Model, in particular the Level 3 of the Euclid Data Model and Scientific Data Processes derived from it. In addition, being part of the CosmoStat group allows me to constantly increase my knowledge of Weak Gravitational Lensings and Galaxy Clustering.