Santiago Casas


Santiago Casas


Contact Information
E-mail: santiago.casas [at] cea [dot] fr
Office: 281
Affiliation: IRFU/DAp-AIM

Research Interests

Postdoctoral Researcher / Euclid Postdoc

Main Interests:

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ORCID profile:  ORCID iD

Curriculum Vitae

Cosmology, Dark Energy, Modified Gravity, General Relativity, Large Scale Structure, Cosmological Neutrinos, Galaxy Clustering, Weak Lensing.

Member of the Euclid collaboration:

  • Co-lead of Workpackage 6 of the Theory Working Group: Forecasts for extended models beyond LCDM
  • IST:Forecasts: In charge of producing input files from Boltzmann codes, active in spectroscopic Galaxy Clustering and Weak Lensing forecasts.
  • IST:Likelihood: Developer, Theory Expert and Reviewer
  • IST:Non-Linear: Developer

Member of the SKA (Square Kilometer Array) Science Working Group.

Main Techniques:

Bayesian Statistics, Fisher Matrix forecasts, N-body simulations, Markov-Chain Monte-Carlo, Cosmological Emulators, Boltzmann Codes, Semi-analytic Perturbation Theory.


Cosmomathica:  Wolfram Mathematica wrapper for different Boltzmann codes and emulators in the cosmological community.

Fishermathica:  Wolfram Mathematica packages to compute Fisher Matrix forecasts for spectroscopic and photometric galaxy surveys. Galaxy Clustering, Weak Lensing and Galaxy-Galaxy-Lensing.

MGCAMB fork:   Fork of the official MGCAMB. Added some support for f(R) non-linear fitting formulae and extra parametrizations and binning of \mu, \eta, \Sigma quantities.

Programming Languages and Tools:

Python, C++, (C), Fortran, Wolfram Mathematica, Linux Bash, High Performance Computing, Git, LaTeX.


Bachelor in Physics: Universidad de Costa Rica.

Master in Theoretical Physics: Universität Heidelberg, Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie.

PhD in Cosmology: Institut für Theoretische Physik, Heidelberg Graduate School for Fundamental Physics, Universität Heidelberg.

PhD Thesis in PDF: Non-linear structure formation in models of Dark Energy and Modified Gravity

Personal Websites:


Science outreach Blog (in Spanish) : Medium

Programming tips (in Spanish) :  WordPress