Sacha Guerrini


Contact Information
E-mail: sacha.guerrini [at] cea [dot] fr
Affiliation: IRFU/DAp-AIM
Supervisors: Martin Kilbinger

Research Interests

The concordance model of cosmology, LCDM, predicts that the huge majority of the energy content of the Universe is in the dark sector. Unveiling the true nature of dark energy and dark matter is therefore a major stake of contemporary cosmology. The Euclid space mission is aimed at measuring the shape of galaxies on a large area on the sky to probe gravitational effects related to the latter forms of energy. I am currently undertaking a PhD called "Weak gravitational lensing statistics for the Euclid space mission" under Martin Kilbinger's supervision. The amount of data expected with the upcoming Stage-IV surveys such as Euclid will challenge our methods of statistical inference. My interests will be in developping gradient-based and parallelizable inference methods to process weak lensing data from Euclid and use them to fit cosmological parameters of interest.


Guerrini, S. & Mörtsell, E. (2023). Probing a scale dependent gravitational slip with galaxy strong lensing systemls. arXiv: 2309.11915. (Submitted)


Prior to my PhD, I obtained my Master's degree Ecole Polytechnique, completing my thesis "Strong Gravitational Lensing and Modified Gravity" under the supervision of Prof. Edvard Mörtsell at Stockholm University. During my course of study, I had the opportunity to work on two award-winning projects. The former in theoretical maths on the spectral rigidity of ellipses of small excentricties and the latter on the vertical dynamics of galactic disks during a research project under the supervision of Prof. James Binney at the university of Oxford.