Melis Irfan


Melis Irfan


Contact Information
E-mail: melis.irfan [at] cea [dot] fr
Phone: +33 (0)1 69 08 44 63
Office: 274
Affiliation: IRFU/DEDIP

Research Interests

My primary research interests involve the Interstellar Medium (ISM), specifically spatially and spectrally modeling diffuse Galactic emissions to support the improvement of CMB component separation techniques.

I have worked on C-Band All-Sky Survey (C-BASS) which is producing maps of all-sky intensity and polarisation at a central frequency of 5 GHz using two single-dish radio antennae. This project enabled me to study synchrotron and free-free emission in detail: separating these two emissions within the Galactic plane and constraining the spectral index of synchrotron emission.

I joined the CosmoStat laboratory in September 2016 as a post-doctoral researcher working with Jérôme Bobin. Working at the CosmoStat laboratory extends my research into higher frequencies, using sparsity-based methods to separate thermal dust emission from the CMB in both intensity and polarisation. The goal being to provide all-sky maps of a single emission to both astrophysicists interested in the ISM and cosmologists interested in CMB B-mode detections.