Joel Gehin


Joël Gehin


Contact Information
E-mail: joel.gehin [at] cea [dot] fr
Affiliation: IRFU/DAp-AIM
Supervisor:  Samuel Farrens

Research Interests

Further to my career as an IT engineer, I resumed my studies at TELECOM PARIS (which lately joined the new Institut Polytechnique de Paris).

I am delighted to undertake the internship for my Big Data Post-Master's Degree at COSMOSTAT Laboratory.

My interests :
Data Science and Data Engineering in general, with a special focus on Astrophysics.

Current and future ground and space observatories will produce a huge and steadily increasing amount of data, mainly sky images, to be analyzed.

In this promising field, my current work at COSMOSTAT Laboratory is to analyze, develop and validate all possible data pipeline improvements to tackle the challenging issue of extracting the best out of future astrophysics data originating, in a first stage, from sky surveys such as EUCLID, and in a later stage from LSST, DES, and other major future missions.

Therefor, the current CFIS pipeline is to be adapted to accept different input data models and to embed state-of-the-art customed Deep Learning modules, so as to fine-tune analyses such as PSF estimations and Galaxy Shape measurements.

On a personal level, I am a keen astrophotographer.