Benjamin Remy


Benjamin Remy


Contact Information
E-mail:   benjamin.remy [at] cea [dot] fr
Office: 274
Affiliation: IRFU/DAp-AIM
Supervisors:  François Lanusse, Jean-Luc Starck

Research Interests

Joint Estimation of Cosmic Shear, PSF, and Galaxy Morphologies

The goal of my PhD thesis is to develop a hierarchical probabilistic model of the observed Euclid images combining physical models with Deep Learning components accounting for unknowns factors. In particular, I aim to build a forward model of Euclid field of views accounting for the PSF, cosmic shear, and galaxy morphology. Fitting this model to observed exposures is a theoretically optimal way to jointly estimate the cosmic shear field and perform the calibration.

Variational Inference and Hierarchical models

So far, solving such inference problem at scale was intractable. I am very interested in efficient optimization-based inference approaches, such as Variational Inference, replacing expensive Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods, to solve this problem.


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