Christophe Kervazo


Christophe Kervazo


Contact Information
E-mail: christophe.kervazo [at] cea [dot] fr
Phone: +33 06 45 72 70 78
Office: 278
Affiliation: IRFU/DEDIP
Supervisor:  Jerome Bobin

Research Interests

My PhD subject is "Learning and image restauration".

My main interests are: signal / image processing, blind source separation, optimization, machine learning, sparsity...


I graduated from Supélec in 2015, and obtained a MSc in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA).


Previously to PhD:

Teaching assistant for the course Probabilities and Statistics for Electrical and Computer Engineering in Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta).

During PhD:

1st year:

  • Teacher for the final project in IUT d'Orsay - computer sciences department (20h). Project about object detection and recognition in images.
  • Teacher for the course IN 104 in ENSTA Paristech (20h)

2nd year:

  • Introduction to programming (laboratory work) in IUT d'Orsay - physical measurement department. Practical work in Python.
  • Signal processing laboratory work in CentraleSupélec