Axel Guinot


Axel Guinot


Contact Information
E-mail: axel.guinot [at] cea [dot] fr
Office: 279
Affiliation: IRFU/DAp-AIM
Supervisor:  Martin Kilbinger

Research Interests

My PhD is focus on redshift estimation using the clustering of galaxies. We plan to improve this technic using machine learning tools to have a first guest based on the color information and the density.

I am also involved on the development of a shear measurement pipeline going to the creation of mask to the calibration of the shear bias. We use state of the art methods such as metacalibration. We are working on the on-going UNIONS survey.

During a previous internship I worked on the cosmic web. I developed a new algorithm to detect the different environments and attribute each galaxies to a node, a filament or a wall. This work made use of the VIPERS and GAMA survey.