Arnau Pujol


Arnau Pujol


Contact Information
E-mail: arnau.pujol [at] cea [dot] fr
Office: 274
Affiliation: IRFU/DEDIP


My PhD was focused on large scale structure and galaxy bias in simulations. On one side, I studied the relation between halo and galaxy bias, and the connections between halo mass, local density and linear bias. On another side, I studied and developed a new method to measure linear bias from the correlation between galaxy density and weak lensing maps that has been applied to the Dark Energy Survey (DES) data.

In this Postdoc I am working on developing a new method to measure the shape of galaxies and calibrate the shape and shear measurement bias using machine learning techniques. The idea is to develop a method that can be applied to Euclid data for Weak Lensing analyses.