Alice Lacan


Alice Lacan


Contact Information
E-mail: alice.lacan [at] cea [dot] fr
Office: 259
Affiliation: IRFU/DAp-AIM
Supervisor:  Samuel Farrens

Research Interests

I am currently a Master's student in Statistics and Data Science from University Paris I - Panthéon Sorbonne.

My internship's main focus is the detection of blended sources in galaxy images using deep learning. I am working on a binary and multiclass classification of blended galaxy images using a deep convolutional neural network. My objective is to optimize this network developed by a previous intern and provide an efficient technique of transfer learning.

As part of the CFIS project, the challenge is to use this method in the processing of real CFIS images. Therefore, a successful detection of blended galaxies could help reduce the bias associated to the misidentification of those blended sources in the measurement of weak gravitational lensing.

My research interests include machine learning and deep learning tools, image processing and statistical analysis.