Past Events

Past Events

  • Date: December 10-16, 2017 Venue: Passo del Tonale, Italy Website: Twitter: @trr33school  

  • Event: Ming Jiang’s Thesis Defence Date: 10/11/2017 Venue: Salle Galilée, Bât: 713C (CEA-Saclay) My thesis is approaching its final destination after 3 years of work! I am pleased to announce you that my defense will be held at 2 pm on November 10th in Galilée room. You are welcomed to my defense! Multichannel Compressed Sensing and its Applications

  • Date: October 11 – October 13, 2017 Venue: LAL Orsay Website: Contributions from CosmoStat:Valeria Pettorino. Revue : Des théories aux observations Martin Kilbinger. Weak lensing, dark energy and systematic effects  

  • Date: September 11 – October 6, 2017 Venue: IPhT, CEA Saclay, France Website: Lecture “Weak gravitational lensing”, Martin Kilbinger.Find here links to the lecture notes: Entire lecture: wl_DarkModDay 1 (Wednesday 13/09):  wl_DarkMod_day1Day 2 (Thursday 14/09): wl_DarkMod_day2Day 3 (Friday 15/09): wl_DarkMod_day3  

  • Date: September 4-6 2017 Venue: Maison du Séminaire Website: Details regarding this event can be found here.

  • Date: July 9-16 2017 Venue: Rimini, Italy Website: Blog: Twitter: @europython Conference App:  

  • Date: June 27 – July 8 2017 Venue: Fréjus, France Website: Lecture “Weak gravitational lensing” (Le lentillage gravitationnel), Martin Kilbinger.Find here links to the lecture notes, TD exercises, “tables rondes” topics, and other information. Resources. A great and detailed introduction to (weak) gravitational lensing are the 2005 Saas Fee lecture notes by Peter Schneider.

  • Date: November 16th 2016 Venue: Copernic Room (bat 713 CEA-Saclay) Details regarding this event can be found here.