CosmicPy is an Python package which allows for simple and interactive cosmology computations. Designed to be modular, well documented and easily extensible, CosmicPy aims to be a convenient tool for forecasting cosmological parameters constraints for different probes and different statistics. Here are some of the features of CosmicPy:

  • Completely open package, with collaborative development in mind, available on Github
  • Extensive documentation of the Python code and detailed tutorials
  • Cosmological distances, Eisenstein & Hu matter power spectrum
  • Tomographic angular power spectra
  • Spherical Fourier-Bessel power spectra, with fast Bessel computation through a C++ library
  • Tomographic and SFB Fisher matrices

The source code is available at:

Here are a few examples of plots made using CosmicPy:

Left: Spherical Fourier-Bessel window function computed for a deep and shallow survey. Right: Ratio of 3D spherical Fourier-Bessel power spectra computed with and without baryonic oscillations for a deep and shallow survey.
1-σ contours from galaxy clustering computed with both 3D SFB analysis and tomographic analysis with and without nuisance parameters on the galaxy bias.


  • Lanusse, F., Rassat, A., Starck, 3D Galaxy Clustering with Future Wide-Field Surveys: Advantages of a Spherical Fourier-Bessel analysis, arxiv:1406.5989, submitted to A&A.