Euclid CEA - IAP meetings

This page is dedicated to the bimonthly (every two months) Euclid CEA - IAP meetings. You can find minutes of the discussions and talks presented at those meetings.

14/03/2016, IAP


Cyril Pitrou, Austin Peel, Sam Farrens, Sandrine Pires, Martin Kilbinger, Raphael Gavazzi, Yohan Dubois, Luca Rizzo, Vivien Scottez, Francis Bernardeau.


Cyril Pitrou: Probing the (an)isotropic expansion with weak lensing

Vivien Scottez: Individual measurements of clustering redshifts


13/11/2015, IAP


Martin, Sandrine, Koryo, Luca, Marc, Jean-Luc, Vivien, Jérôme, Sybille, Patrick H, Chieh-An, Francis, Karim, Raphael, Christophe, Yohan, Henry, Austin.


Yohan Dubois: IA and N-body simulations

Francis Bernardeau: Nulling

Martin Kilbinger: IA and peaks